Family Mini Sessions


I’m so delighted to be kicking off my summer season with some beautiful family photography mini sessions. I am keeping everything crossed that both government guidelines and weather conditions will allow us to proceed with these sessions safely!

So, what is a mini session, how will it work, when and where will they take place, what’s included and what do they cost and how can you book…..

What is a mini session?

A Mini Sessions is exactly what it sounds like; a smaller version of the family photography package I offer. The duration and final delivery will be less than a standard family photography session, but so too will be the price making it much more accessible for all.

How will the mini session work?

As with all of my photography; I really try to steer away from stiff, posed family portraits and capture more natural, genuine moments. This will also be the case with my mini sessions. I will guide you into the best light and encourage you to interact with your children, play, race, laugh, dip your toes in the water; while I snap away in the background.

As the sessions are much shorter than my standard family shoots at only 30 minutes, I will aim to capture a full family portrait, some portraits of your children both individually and together, a couples portrait of mum and dad, along with some beautiful candid and playful shots – my favourite!

When and where will the mini sessions take place?

Subject to Government Guidelines, Covid-19 and weather conditions; sessions will take place on Tullan Strand Beach, Bundoran, Co. Donegal from the 23rd to the 25th of April 2021. To ensure we have the best light, these sessions will be shot at Golden Hour, just before sunset (approx. 6pm – 8pm).

All sessions will be rescheduled to a later date if required due to safety / weather.

What’s included?

Each session will last a total of 30 minutes. Once you book, you will receive a Family Photography preparation guide complete with tips on how to prepare your children and guidance on what to wear. You will receive 5 professionally edited digital images which you can personally select through a private online gallery.

Additional images along with prints can be added to your final order if you wish.

How much will they cost?

My Family Photography Mini Sessions are priced at €150, a saving of more than 50%!

Additional digital files and prints can be purchased after your session if you wish to add these on to your final package.

How can I book?

The easy part…! If you want any more information regarding my family mini sessions, or would like to book a space for your family; please get in touch via my contact form and I will be back to you on the same day!


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