Preparing For Newborn Photos

by | Apr 18, 2024 | Newborn Photography

Newborn Photography captures one of the most precious stages in a families journey. And as precious as this time is, it also comes with its fair share of chaos and tiredness! I know that for many new parents, the day they come to have their newborn photos taken is often the first outing they will have with their newborn, and I always want to make every effort to make the whole process as stress-free and easy as possible.

Preparation for any photography session is important, and even more so when there’s a newborn involved. From years of experience photographing newborns, I’ve learned what works well to help a session run smoothly and how you can prepare for your newborn photos even before baby arrives.

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When should I book my newborn photos?

It is never too early to book in for your newborn photos. Ideally, newborn photos are captured within the first two weeks of life so I always encourage expectant parents to book while you are expecting to ensure you can secure your date and not have to worry about finding a photographer when your newborn is here.  To secure your date simply send me an email and let me know when you are due. As these dates are never set in stone, I tend to book families in within two weeks of your due date and allow flexibility around your date to reschedule if necessary.

What is the best age to have my baby’s newborn photos captured?

Ideally, a newborn photography session should take place within the first two weeks of babies life.  At this stage, babies are very sleepy and easily settled, leading to a relaxed session that allows us to easily transition from pose to pose, and shot to shot.

After this time, babies are generally more awake and alert making the process a little more difficult (but not impossible!) to achieve. With all that said, your baby can be captured at any stage within the first year. So if you aren’t feeling ready, or you simply want more time to settle into your new normal once baby arrives – it is absolutely possible to capture them at a later date and still get really beautiful photos.

If you feel newborn photos aren’t for you but you would still love images of your baby whilst they are still teeny tiny, you can also consider a baby photoshoot once your little one is sitting independently – a really beautiful way to capture portraits of them alone, as well as with you. 

Where will the session take place?

I travel throughout Ireland, capturing newborn photos in the comfort of your own home or outdoors. I also have a beautiful and bright home studio in my home in Manorhamilton, Co.Leitrim.  My studio is located approximately 30 minutes from Sligo Town, Enniskillen, Bundoran, Ballyshannon and Carrick On Shannon.

Based on light, colour in the environment, time of year and location – I can work with you to recommend the best location for your newborn photos.

What should we wear?

The clothing you choose to wear for your photos – the tones, textures, patterns and flow – all have a huge impact on how your final photos will look and feel. From years of experience, I have learnt what photographs well and what doesn’t and there are some general guidelines and recommendations that I can give. Large patterns, logos, branding and dark or neon colours can easily date and deviate attention away from the people in the photograph. Neutral, earthy tones (creams, whites, beige, pastels, muted tones etc.) dainty textures and flowing fabrics all photograph really well and give a timeless feel to images.

I have some beautiful pieces for baby to wear and can recommend what works well for them also if you would prefer to dress them yourself.

When you book your newborn photo session, you will receive my tailored Newborn Photography Preparation Guide which goes through all of this and more in detail. 

I also have a post specifically focused on What To Wear – you can find this here!

Is there anything I need to bring to my newborn photography session?

I always advise parents to bring plenty of milk if you are bottle feeding. A dummy is also a must – even if your little one isn’t taking a pacifier, it’s a great tool for soothing them to sleep during their photoshoot. Muslin cloths are a great thing to have to hand also if your baby spits up, as well as a change of clothes for mum and dad.

Wipes and hand sanitiser are all available in my studio, so in terms of changing all you will need are some nappies.

Is there anything I can do to help my baby settle ahead of their shoot?

As crazy as this may sound to a sleep deprived parent – I would advise, if possible, to try keep your baby awake for an hour or two ahead of their shoot. Give them a bath before you leave (if you are coming to my studio) to help keep them alert and awake. 15 minutes or so before we begin, you can offer your baby a feed to ensure they are full and settled, ready to drift off to sleep just as we begin.

My style of photography is very natural and lead by your baby. While a sleepy baby isn’t essential, it does help.

If you are choosing to dress your baby in their own outfit as opposed to one of mine, I would recommend having this on them before we start to avoid disturbing them!

Can we include older siblings?

Yes, absolutely! I adore sibling photos with newborns. As newborn sessions can take up to two hours , I often recommend bringing siblings in towards the end of the session to capture their photos with their new baby brother or sister.

When will my photos be ready?

I aim to deliver your online gallery within three weeks from the day of your shoot.

To book a session, or simply to find out more about my newborn photography please get in touch here