Tips For Stressfree Newborn Photos

by | Mar 9, 2022 | Newborn Photography

Newborn photos capture your baby at such a precious stage. As these images are generally captured within the first two weeks of life, your baby is still “waking up” to the world. Everything is new to both them and you, and for many new parents; your newborn photography session is often your first outing as a family.

I know how stressful these sessions have the potential to be, which is why I want to make it as easy going, relaxing and as enjoyable as possible for both the parents and baby. Here are some little tips I’ve gathered from years of capturing newborn photos, to help you prepare!

Newborn Photography Ireland

Book Your Newborn Photos In Advance To Avoid Last Minute Disappointment

Newborn photos are ideally captured within the first two weeks of your little ones life. So with this in mind, it’s a good idea to book when you are around half way through your pregnancy. I will schedule your newborn photo session based on your due date. If baby decides to come earlier or later, we will readjust your date as needed. Booking in advance also ensures you get the photographer you want and takes away the stress of searching for and contacting photographers after you’ve had your baby – you will already have your hands full!

Have Your Newborn Photo Outfits Pre-Selected

I know just how hard it can be to dress postpartum. You don’t feel like yourself, you may need breastfeeding friendly clothes and what once was your style, may have changed. With all of this in mind, it’s a great idea to choose you and your partners outfits prior to your babies arrival. When you book your newborn photos with me, you will receive a preparation guide which includes guidance on what to wear. Neutral colours work best, so this is a great place to start. A cream cardigan and loose fitting white blouse is a beautiful option for mum, as are flowy dresses or a cream skirt and jumper. Dad’s can’t go wrong with a shirt or jumper and chinos. Pastels, creams and white tones are best.

During your newborn photo session, I will dress your baby and swaddle them with pieces from my studio so all I ask that they wear is a simple button / zip down sleep suit that is easy to take off and on.

Bring The Essentials For Your Newborn Photos

There’s very little you need to bring with you for your newborn photoshoot, but I do recommend a few nappy-bag essentials to bring into the studio to help settle your baby throughout their newborn photo session and make them as comfortable as possible.

Soothers Weather you intend on offering your little one a soother or not is a very personal decision. However, if you are comfortable with it, it is worthwhile having one to hand for this occasion. A soother can help to settle your baby when transitioning from the breast or bottle. They can also assist in getting baby to sleep for some beautiful sleepy baby poses.

Milk Be it breast or bottle, I allow more than enough time throughout your newborn photo session for feeding, winding, changing and cuddling. You are so welcome to use my kitchen to warm up bottles or boil the kettle. And I can provide a breastfeeding pillow to give you as much comfort as possible if you are feeding yourself. Never feel under pressure to rush your baby through their photos, take the time you need to feed and comfort – this is all so foreign to them and a little sup is often the best comfort they can receive!

Muslins Newborns tend to spit up quite frequently, so it’s a good idea to have muslins close to hand during your newborn photos to wipe up any milk stains throughout. I have plenty to hand in the studio but if you wish to bring your own, please do so.

Relax and Enjoy This Time

This last point is not exactly a tip but still very important!

This will most likely be your first major outing as a family of 3 or more, so please know I want you to enjoy the experience of your newborn photos and feel comfortable in my home! Take the tea / coffee when it’s offered, allow me to do a nappy change, give a bottle or wind – I only love the opportunity to soak up some newborn cuddles and love giving new parents a chance to relax, even if it is only for a moment.

When you book your newborn photos with me, you will receive a guide which will go through all of this and more. But, never hesitate to ask – there’s no such thing as a stupid question and especially not when it concerns your precious bundle.

For more info on my newborn packages, or to book your newborn photo session with me, please get in touch here.